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Privacy Policy

At Tavisi, we apply a transparent and accountable approach when it comes to handling the data of our customers. This page contains pertinent information regarding how we collect and use the information collected on our Website. By using our services, you fully understand and accept the Terms and Conditions of the Privacy Policy. Please review this page thoroughly, along with our Terms and Conditions, before using our Website and services.

  1. Collection of Information: 
    1. When visiting our Website, we may collect and/or access your data through ‚Äúcookies‚ÄĚ, similar to many other websites. You can learn about cookies here: https://allaboutcookies.org.¬†
    2. When interacting and purchasing from our Website, we may collect information such as your name, email address, contact number, address, etc. that you may have provided on the Website. 
    3. Details such as your billing and transaction details may be collected depending upon the type of information you provide during your purchase.
    4. To visit, view, access and/or use the Website and its services, you must be at least 18 years of age. If you are below the age of 18, you must only use the Website and its services under parental supervision. By reading these Terms and Conditions, you accept that you fully understand, acknowledge and agree to the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement. If you allow a minor to visit, view, access and/or use the Website and its services through your user account under parental supervision, you hereby understand, accept and provide consent for the minor’s personal details to be collected; and you fully understand, accept and agree to take responsibility for the minor’s actions as well as be bound by this Privacy Policy.  
    5. The Website will not be held responsible or liable, in any manner, for any unauthorized use of your account by yourself, unauthorized users, or users who may act on your behalf. You are responsible to visit, view, access and/or use the Website and its services at your own discretion, and to take the necessary precautions to prevent misuse of your account and the Website. We disclaim any liability in this respect.
    6. If the Website deems that the user has violated the Privacy Policy outlined in this Agreement in any manner, your account may be suspended, deleted or disabled. 
    7. By using the Website and/or by providing your information, you fully consent to the collection and use of the information you disclose on the Website in accordance with this Privacy Policy, including but not limited to your consent for sharing your information as per this Privacy Policy.
  2. Use of Information:
    The information collected on the Website that you provide to register your user account is strictly used for registration, operational, legal and communication purposes. The information collected may be used but is not limited to the following:
    1. Processing your order
    2. Delivering your order for which we may share your information with a third-party
    3. Collecting payments from you
    4. Providing you with customer care 
    5. Screening any risk or fraud while carrying out and facilitating payments
    6. Communicating with you and providing you with sales/promotional offers or other marketing/advertising materials
    7. Customizing and improving your experience while using our site
    8. Using data and user analytics for business research and development 

   3. Sharing Your Personal Information
    a. We may share your personal information with third parties, employees, etc. to:
               i. Process your order 
              ii. Deliver your order   
             iii. Collect payments from you  
             iv. Provide you with customer care     
              v. Communicate with you and provide you with sales/promotional offers or other marketing/advertising materials       
             vi. Perform data and user analytics to improve your experience while visiting our site.       
            vii. Manage the website  
b. We operate in accordance with  The Privacy Act, 2075 (2018) of Nepal. We will not share your information without your prior consent unless deemed necessary by The Privacy Act. 
c. As per The Privacy Act, 2075 (2018): ‚ÄúProvided that, if any personal data are demanded for the national security or peace and order, court or agency or official authorized under the course of investigation of any criminal offense it shall not be deemed to bar to provide such data in accordance with the prevailing law.‚Ä̬†

  4. Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Terms and Conditions, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]/ [email protected], or call us at +977-01-5431545 between 9:30 am - 5:30 pm, Sunday - Friday. Alternatively, you may also get in touch with us by completing the Contact Us Form.¬†

 5. Amendments to the Policy

Our Privacy Policy is subject to change without providing prior notice. We will revise our policy to keep it up to date, and the revised version will be effective when it is posted on the Website without any notice provided to you. After such changes have been made, your continued use of the Website and its services will be considered as your acceptance of the changes and you will automatically be bound by the revised policy. It is your responsibility to review the Privacy Policy regularly to check for any amendments that have been made. 

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