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Online shopping has taken over the world by a storm. No new news here. Once we’ve placed our order, we’ve all impatiently waited at the door for that delivery package to arrive, pressing and re-pressing the “Track My Order” button until the package finally arrives at our doorstep. But, okay, let’s be honest, once the package arrives, how many of us have taken a moment to look, and by that we mean, REALLY LOOK at the packaging before tearing it open and throwing it into the bin? 

According to the EPA, in 2018, 82.2 million tons of municipal solid waste was made up of packaging and containers in the USA alone. Out of this, an estimated 340,000 tons of waste was generated from packaging such as bags made of textiles and small amounts of leather – this waste was neither recycled nor composted.  

Now, let’s bring this stat to Nepal’s context. Like many developing countries, Nepal is struggling when it comes to implementing efficient waste management practices. Waste is rarely recycled or composted here also. Passing by a mound of garbage while holding our breath is a daily occurrence that many Nepalese have become accustomed to: so accustomed that we don’t even bat an eyelid. According to  The Waste Management Baseline Survey of Nepal (2020), the three main methods of waste handling by the municipalities and metropolitan are: 

Piling up in landfill sites: 48.6%

Burning: 32.1%

Piling by the river side: 27.4%

Out of the total waste that gets produced in Nepal, ONLY a mere 4.1% on average is RECYCLED. 

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Now, sit on this for a while.  

According to The World Bank (2022): “In 2020, the world was estimated to generate 2.24 billion tonnes of solid waste, amounting to a footprint of 0.79 kilograms per person per day. With rapid population growth and urbanization, annual waste generation is expected to increase by 73% from 2020 levels to 3.88 billion tonnes in 2050.” The slow burn the environment is facing as a result of human overuse and misuse of resources cannot be reiterated enough. 

It is evident that the ‘take-make waste’ approach that society has been adopting is no longer a sustainable choice. Disregarding the actions we take is no longer an option. We need change and we need it now! 


We, at Tavisi, have been certain from our inception that we do not want to add to the growing environmental challenges of Nepal; and that, as a small business, we want to be a part of the solution, may it be a modest part, rather than a part of the problem. Therefore, as a company, we have made a conscious and intentional effort to embrace sustainable packaging for our brand. We hope to make sustainability more than just a buzzword. And, while we do not claim to be 100% sustainable or perfect, we do believe that we have our foot in the right door. 

In a Snapshot

From what we thought would be a project that would reach completion in a few weeks’ time to what turned out to be months and months of research, experimentation and trial and error, let’s just say WE NEVER REALIZED PACKAGING DESIGN WOULD BE SO CHALLENGING! Today, we’ve finally reached a state where we are happy with what we’ve come up with. Our packaging has turned out to be our passion project; and, we hope that you will take a moment to look, and by that we mean, REALLY LOOK, beyond the material that you will see at face value. #waste management #nepal #solidwaste #landfill #take #tav #packaging #intention #hope #jute #resolve #reuse #return #repeat #recycle #reduce #circulareconomy #ultimategoal #concept #circular #journey #burnig #river


Our sole intention: the next time that our delivery person arrives at your door, you take a moment to observe and revel in our packaging. 

Our hope: that our packaging gives you a dose of inspiration; a spark of curiosity; and a bag of happiness. 
Our Material in Use: Jute
Universally known as the ‘Golden Fibre’, easily found in Nepal, versatile, and 100% biodegradable and recyclable, (FAO, 2022), Jute was a clear winner for us when it came to making our packaging sustainable and doing our bit for the environment. 

Our Resolve: ‘Reuse. Return. Repeat. Recycle. Reduce.’
Motivated by the circular economy model, we intend to design out waste from our packaging by closing the loop. The purpose is to obtain the full and maximum value of our packaging bags by reusing it over and over again until it’s completely worn out. And, once it reaches that unusable state, to hand it over to a trusted local waste management body so that they can efficiently recycle the material. 

Our ultimate goal: to elongate the lifespan of the material, decrease the demand for new packaging production and simultaneously, foster a growing circular mindset amongst our community. 

Our concept is centered around two principal standpoints:

  • We, as a company, realize the fundamental role organizations have in mitigating the adverse effects of environmental degradation. We have taken the first step in becoming more sustainable.  
  • We believe collective action makes a difference and you, as a consumer, have the power to be an active participant of change too. 

So, how can you be a part of our circular journey? It’s simple. When you place an order on our website, and before you check out, you will be provided with two options: 

To return our packaging bag with our delivery person


 To buy the packaging bag and reuse it yourself. 

#waste management #nepal #solidwaste #landfill #take #tav #packaging #intention #hope #jute #resolve #reuse #return #repeat #recycle #reduce #circulareconomy #ultimategoal #concept #circular #journey #burnig #river


We URGE and REQUEST you to choose the first option - to return our packaging bag with our delivery person. If you choose to return our packaging to us, we will reuse it: we commit to reusing it over and over again so often and to such an extent that the bag will have tiny holes peeping through. We are counting on you to share our commitment in this cyclical journey of change. We believe that collectively, we can make a difference; that collectively, we must make a difference.  

However, if option two is your preferred choice - to buy the packaging bag (Rs. 260) and to reuse it yourself - please please please promise us that you will reuse our packaging bag, that you will reuse it ever so much and ever so often to the point that it’s no longer usable. You will then, not toss it into the bin, but hand it over to a trusted local waste management body for recycling. 

They say, even a little goes a long way. So, can we count you in? 

Can we all try to make our communities a little more livable, a wee bit more breathable? 

(We hear a resounding YESSSS…!!)


Welcome to #THETAVOLUTION ! 🧡

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