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This is what Tavisi denotes and this is what we strive to embody - each and every day.     

At the core of Tavisi, our brand, is:    
A woman who owns her choices, loudly, boldly and proudly;     
A woman who is not afraid to make mistakes;     
A woman who confidently owns the room;     
A woman who is not afraid to make her voice heard.    

Tavisi, or Tav, as we like to say it, is a tug in the heart, a reminder for women across castes, cultures, ages and horizons to practice self-love, to prioritize themselves first, and to embrace their own unique, quirky and imperfect versions wholeheartedly.      


What does a Nepali woman look like to you? To us, she may be a twenty-one year old college goer or a thirty-year old mother; a forty-eight year old working professional or a fifty-seven year old single independent women - but whomever she may be, she is a woman who constantly dawns multiple hats, a woman who is always on the go and always on the flow.     

Tav is an outcome of never-ending conversations held over coffee dates, shopping sprees and dinner tables. Our brand is a result of the tireless complaints of women and girls, like us, who view shopping in Nepal as taxing and uninformed, rather than therapeutic. 

Tavisi is a result of a gap we saw in the market. So, we decided to fix it!     


Tavisi is an intentional and conscious effort to ease the busy lives of women by making their shopping experience more informed, convenient and hassle-free while simultaneously providing universal content to engage and inspire curious minds. More simply put, we are a collaborative and inclusive digital platform that integrates an e-commerce website ‘Tav the Shop’ with an online magazine ‘Tav the Story’. As a company, we are determined to transform the digital retail and media space in Nepal. We aim to promote honest, candid, open and compelling conversations and build a community of like-minded individuals - one purchase, one story at a time.     

We are a mission and passion driven company. The Tav philosophy is centered around the following core principles: 

  • To provide a one-stop-shop for women enhancing ease of access to curated quality products and authentic information helping customers to make an informed decision. 
  • To present real stories of real people by bringing unique, bold, unheard and young voices to the forefront.
  • To embrace sustainable packaging methods; endorse ethical and honest business practices; and promote causes that work for women empowerment and social change. 
  • For a more promising future, Tavisi envisions to make an impact in the lives of women and girls by engaging in continuous growth and innovation and propelling social change - be it via tiny steps or big leaps. We see an equal tomorrow where women are the epitome of strength, power and courage; where women are also the decision-makers and change-makers of society. 

Welcome to #THETAVOLUTION ! 🧡



Hii :) 

Palas and Sahara here. We are both Joshi’s and NO, we are not related in any way. Just thought we’d get that out of the way first since it’s the first question that seems to pop into everyone’s minds. We’re actually friends who met while volunteering for an organization that works on women empowerment. We instantly bonded over our love for cappuccinos, innate ability to overthink, extreme pickiness for details, and all our scorpion traits which we will not even delve into right now.     

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Ok, getting straight to the point: let’s be honest, the shopping scene is extremely frustrating in Nepal. The marketplace is scattered and we spend way too long looking for products that we want. How many of you wish for a one-stop-shop catered to women providing curated quality products and information to help you make an informed purchase while making shopping more efficient? 

We certainly do - along with a majority of women we know who have the same complaint. And so, Tavisi came into being. 

It is ironic that for two people who plan their lives to the T, this company has been an intuitive, spontaneous and passion driven decision. Tav is our baby: we have poured our heart and soul into building this brand. From instances of utter chaos and panic to moments of happiness and contentment, from hectic days to even longer nights - for every task that we tick off, ten more seem to get added to the list. Yet, despite our lives now having turned into a never-ending checklist, we have an insatiable desire to do more. 

Tav is a work-in-progress. It is an incessant labor of our passion, love, hope and determination. We have tried our best to make it more than just an e-commerce website and digital magazine, and to make it a company that integrates our own personal values and beliefs. Our brand philosophy, packaging and community is an effort to reflect this. 

We’re proud of what’s in the making and we’re genuinely excited for what the future holds. We sincerely hope you become an active part of our journey.    

Welcome to #THETAVOLUTION ! 🧡


Love and Light,  

Palas and Sahara 




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