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Upcycle Your Way! Grow Green By Tav the Team

Upcycle Your Way!

When old clothes go out of style and dents appear on our wooden table tops, we treat them recklessly - dumping them as trash and replacing it with new...

Navigating Self-Care in a Digitized World Love & Relationships By Tav the Team

Navigating Self-Care in a Digitized World

As of 2022, over four billion people actively use social media - this number is only expected to rise over time (Datareportal). Today, social media ha...

Destructuring Misogyny: Centering on Women’s Narratives An Equal Tomorrow By Kriesha Pradhan

Destructuring Misogyny: Centering on Women’s Narratives

When I was in the fourth grade, my mom made me take taekwondo classes. It had only been the first week of class and I already wanted to quit, but my m...

Sustainable Packaging

From what we thought would be a project that would reach completion in a few weeks’ time to what turned out to be months and months of research, experimentation and trial and error, let’s just say WE NEVER REALIZED PACKAGING DESIGN WOULD BE SO CHALLENGING! Today, we’ve finally reached a state where we are happy with what we’ve come up with. Our packaging has turned out to be our passion project; and, we hope that you will take a moment to look, and by that we mean, REALLY LOOK, beyond the material that you will see at face value. Learn More

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